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White Sox Leaders To Star In New Reality TV Show

Just when you think the Reality TV craze will die down, along comes even more new ones. The newest realty series was just announced this afternoon and it will star none other than the Chicago White Sox leaders.

The MLB Network will be producing a TV show called "The Club." This show will follow White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, General Manager Ken Williams, and Team Manager Ozzie Guillen as they deal with the challenges of running a major league ball club. Also scheduled to be featured will be Assistant General Manager Rick Hahn, Pitching Coach Don Cooper, Hitting Coach Greg Walker, and front office personnel.

The taping begins this month at Spring Training in Arizona and continues on through the summer. According to today's announcement, the footage will carry through roster meetings, Opening Day, on the road for away games, and up through the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline, along with presenting a look at Reinsdorf, Williams and Guillen away from the ballpark.

The 2010 season is the seventh season during which Reinsdorf, Williams and Guillen have worked together as the Sox' management team. Ken Williams said in a statement today, "The core of our baseball operations staff has been together now for many years. The White Sox can be described pretty accurately as a family, even down to the unique relationships we all enjoy with one another."

"We understand that fans want a glimpse inside a baseball club's front office, want to see how decisions are made and want to watch as a Spring Training roster comes together to form a team. We hope 'The Club' provides that type of insight into the White Sox this summer for baseball fans." Williams added.

"The Club" is set to premiere on July 4th on the MLB Network at 7:00pm. The Fourth of July premiere seems appropriate given the fireworks usually exhibited by Ozzie Guillen when he is upset and a camera is around.

"The Club" is the fifth series produced for MLB Network by MLB Productions, following "Prime 9," "Baseball Seasons," "Triumph & Tragedy" and "The Pen."

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