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WLS-FM Releases Dave Fogel

WLS-FM has released morning show host Dave Fogel, effective immediately. After ending his show this morning, Fogel was called in to a meeting with Program Director Jan Jeffries, who informed him his services were no longer needed at the station. After being a personality for 2.5 years on WLS-FM, Fogel will not be given a chance to say good-bye on the air to his fans.

Marti Jones, the morning show co-host and news anchor, and Dan Wolfe, morning show producer, were not released and remain at WLS-FM. All they were told this morning by station management was "Dave is gone. More details tomorrow." Fogel, Jones, and Wolfe had a very close working relationship and friendship with each other.

Until a new morning show host is named, weekender and Chicago radio veteran Tom O'Toole will be filling in. The morning show will be more music-intensive for now. Additionally, O'Toole will continue to be on the air during his usual long shifts on Saturdays & Sundays. Tom O'Toole was also the fill-in morning show host in January & February 2010 -- the last time there was a morning show vacancy.

Speculation is that Chicago radio legend Fred Winston, who has been doing fill-in work on WLS-FM for the last few weekends, may be moving to full-time status in October. This morning's actions with Dave Fogel were possibly a way to make room for Winston. This could also be a way for the station to shift others around to bring Dick Biondi back to hours when his fans can hear him, instead of the overnight shift he was forced to take back in January of this year.

Dave Fogel was hired as the morning show host for WLS-FM on February 1, 2010, starting on the air in Chicago on March 1, 2010. Fogel was the third full-time morning show host since 94.7 became an oldies format in September 2005. He was preceded by Scott Mackay and Brant Miller.

Fogel's radio career started in college in Kansas City, MO. He then found some work in radio in San Diego, CA and Washington, D.C., before finally making a name for himself in Detroit, MI, where he did afternoons on WHYT-FM from May 1989 until December 1996. In December 1996, Fogel moved to Chicago and started working afternoons at WLUP-FM/The Loop until September 1997, when he moved over to (then) sister-station WTMX-FM/The Mix to do the afternoon shift. (At that time, both stations were owned by Bonneville Communications). He was at The Mix until September 2004. It was September 2004 when he left Chicago to return to Kansas City, MO. There he worked at KMXV-FM, KC's version of The Mix, doing middays until February 2006. Fogel then moved over to Kansas City's KCKC-FM as solo afternoon host and finally moved to mornings there as a co-host in December 2007. He was in that role for three years before getting the call to return to Chicago.

Dave Fogel was raised in Los Angeles and is the son of TV actor Jerry Fogel, who starred in "The Mothers-In-Law" in the late 60's and was a frequent guest star on numerous TV shows in the 70s. Before becoming an actor, Jerry Fogel was a rock & roll DJ in Rochester, NY and Kansas City, MO, so his son Dave comes by it naturally. The Fogel family moved back to Missouri, when Dave was in school. Supposedly, John Elway played quarterback for his high school football team and Valerie Bertinelli was in his algebra class. While attending the University of Missouri, Dave claims to have received singing instructions from Sheryl Crow and shared a house with a young Brad Pitt.

UPDATE: Dave Fogel talked to CRM about his surprise exit from WLS-FM earlier today. Plus, more rumors about WLS-FM's upcoming plans. It can be read HERE.

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