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Former Chicago Radio Personality Starts New Health Internet Radio Station

Former Chicago radio personality Tim Disa has launched a new all-health Internet-based radio station, entitled RadioMD. With questions about health being one of the most searched on the Internet, this new radio website seeks to carve out its own niche as an online audio health resource.

Tim Disa is a Chicago radio veteran, who has worked at a few local radio stations over the years, including WIND-AM, WLS-AM, WGN-AM, and WSEX-FM/WCBR-FM. However, he is probably best remembered for co-hosting his own evening comedy-talk radio show with his wife Beth in the mid-late 80s on WLUP-AM/AM 1000. Since January 1999, Tim Disa has been the owner of media brokering company, Air Time Media. He also serves as a broadcasting consultant.

Coming from two broadcasting parents in Beth & Tim Disa, son Tim Disa, Jr., naturally has radio in his veins. Tim Disa, Jr. worked at suburban WCBR-FM in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the business end of the station.

Together, Tim Disa, Sr. and Tim Disa, Jr. started up RadioMD this summer to be a "talking" health information source. Tim Disa, Jr. will serve as the radio station's General Manager.

Tim Disa, Sr. said in a statement this week regarding RadioMD.com: "We provide vital health and wellness content in spoken word form. Produced in a talk radio, easy to listen to conversational style, our shows feature top guests and experts in the world of health and medicine to help consumers understand every day health issues as well as complex medical conditions. Our focus is on staying healthy; staying strong; living a more happy and healthful life to be and feel your best."

RadioMD already has teamed up with numerous top medical/wellness partners and organizations to help educate and inform its listeners. Among those involved is Michael Roizen, MD, a nationally-recognized health expert, who gained prominence as the writing and business partner of Dr. Mehmet Oz (aka "Dr. Oz"). Dr. Roizen is past chairman of a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee and a former editor for six medical journals. He hosts a weekly radio show on RadioMD.com and his show "YOU - The Owner's Manual Radio Show," is now nationally syndicated by RadioMD.

Other experts heard on RadioMD include Melanie Cole MS, Dr. David Friedman, Christopher Springmann, Dr. Decker Weiss, Dr. Holly Lucille, and Lisa Davis, MPH CMC. RadioMD has existing partnerships with the American Academy of Pediatrics, producing their radio show "Healthy Children", as well as producing a show with the American College of Sports Medicine.

In addition to the shows already part of the online station, there are many other new shows in the works, including a live women's health talk show, which looks to be like a radio version of "The View," "Oprah," and "Dr. Oz" mashed together.

Every RadioMD show is produced and broadcast over the Internet live. They are also recorded and played as encore presentations at various times in the week, as well as made available on demand as a podcast in the RadioMD audio library.

While the information broadcast is for all to enjoy, the team behind RadioMD sees its target audience as Women in the 25-49 age demographic.

In addition to the Internet radio stream, the RadioMD.com website, which is still in its "beta testing" phase, is being expanded to also include videos, health news articles, blogs, recipes, and other features so that it will be even more comprehensive and informative. The website, its features, and its audio stream will be optimized for smart phones and tablets and will have apps available in the near future.

In 2006, Tim Disa, Sr. started up a similar website called HealthRadio.net, which is in the process of shutting down. RadioMD is a vast improvement and expansion on that previous web operation, with more features, more appealing & accessible content. Other than the fact both websites were founded by Tim Disa, they are not related or connected.

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