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Changes & Additions For WGCI Mornings

WGCI-FM 107.5 hasn't had a top rated morning show since they parted ways with Crazy Howard McGee a few years back. They are hoping to change that situation with a few more changes & additions to their morning show. The first change is a tweak in its morning show name. Instead of the show being called "The Morning Riot," it has recently given the spotlight to its tall comedic host, calling the show "Tony Sculfield and The Morning Riot." The line-up stays the same with Sculfield, Nina Chantele and Leon Rogers, along with contributions from veteran radio voice, Ty Wansley and Latina Moore. The big addition announced this afternoon is that the show has added a brand new producer.

Derrick Brown, Clear Channel Chicago's Director of Urban Programming, announced today that Marc "Marco" Washington is the new Executive Producer for the morning program. Starting late last month, Clear Channel did a nationwide search for a producer for The Morning Riot. As with what happens often with "nationwide searches," the company stayed in-house, moving Washington over from sister station WVAZ-FM, where he had been the local producer for V103's afternoon program, "The Doug Banks Show." Since joining the station in 2005, Marco Washington has also worked as a programming assistant, guest mixer, and board operator for Herb Kent, Judge Greg Mathis, and Attorney Warren Ballentine's radio programs for V103 .

Washington is a native of the south side of Chicago and a graduate of Columbia College with a B.A. in Entertainment & Media Management. He has owned Marcomusik, his own DJ/Production company, since 1999. Derrick Brown called Washington "a unique talent with a brilliant programming mind."

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