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Rich 'Svengoolie' Koz Hospitalized

Chicago media personality Rich Koz, best known and beloved for his horror movie host character "Svengoolie," is recovering in the hospital after going into cardiac arrest this past Saturday evening. A spokesperson for WCIU-TV has said that Koz's condition is improving and he remains in good spirits.

To aid in his recovery, the family of Rich Koz have asked for privacy at this time and asked that the name of the Chicago hospital where he is being treated not be released.

Friends and fans who wish to send Rich Koz (and of course, Svengoolie) their get well wishes may do so at the following address:
    Rich Koz
    WCIU, The U
    26 North Halsted
    Chicago, IL 60661

In the late 1970s, Rich Koz became the hand-picked successor by the original "Svengoolie," Jerry G. Bishop, to carry on the Svengoolie act. Koz was originally known as "Son of Svengoolie," but was allowed to drop the "Son of" part of the name a few years later. His Svengoolie is not only seen locally on WCIU-TV, but nationally via Me-TV, the Chicago-based classic television network of Weigel Broadcasting.

A native of the Chicago area, Rich Koz has been working in radio or television since his Maine East High School days on the school's WMTH-FM. He has worked in radio with on WMAQ-AM (with Jerry G. Bishop), WGN-AM, WCKG-AM, and also co-wrote some later episodes of the radio serial "Chickenman" with Dick Orkin. In addition to his Svengoolie work, he has done shows for WFLD-TV ("The Koz Zone," "Koz Zone for Kids," and even part-time weatherman) and WCIU-TV ("Stooge-A-Palooza").

This is not the first time Rich Koz has had issues with his heart. In 2002, he suffered a serious heart attack.

Rich Koz is 60 years old.

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