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Eddie & Jobo Released From 104.3 K-Hits

Chicago radio veterans Eddie & Jobo were released today by CBS Radio as the morning show hosts of WJMK-FM/104.3 K-Hits. They had been with the station since it started in March 2011.

WJMK-FM Program Director Todd Cavanah tells CRM that the reason for the release was basic radio reasons: the ratings were not where the company wanted them to be and the hosts' contracts were getting close to renewal time. The company felt it would be better to try a new host or hosts in the morning drive hours. Cavanah wished them well.

No new hosts have been hired or are even being considered just yet. A search will take place for a replacement or replacements. CBS Radio Chicago will be searching for a host/hosts that connect with the 60s-80s music being played, as well as connect with the audience.

Todd Cavanah points out that today's move has nothing to do with the long-standing rumors that WJMK-FM will be flipped to sports talk, as either an FM home for WSCR-AM or a location for the new syndicated CBS Sport Network, which launches nationally at the start of next month. The move to release Eddie & Jobo was strictly based on the company looking to improve their standings in the morning hours. Cavanah said that there are currently no plans to place sports talk on 104.3 and the station will continue with its Classic Hits programming for the foreseeable future.

Eddie & Jobo were offered the chance to do a farewell broadcast tomorrow morning, but respectfully declined. Both sides part ways as friends.

This is not the first time that Eddie & Jobo have been released as morning show hosts from CBS Radio Chicago. This is in fact, their third time.

The team of Ed Volkman and Joe "Bohannon" Colborn (although he has not used the radio name of Joe Bohannon in many years, and simply goes by Jobo) were first paired together in 1988 on WBBM-FM/B96 (along with Karen Hand) for the station's morning show. They became a staple of Chicago morning radio and were ratings winners for most of their career.

In May 1994, they were fired from the station due to a defamation lawsuit that was filed against the two morning hosts and WBBM-FM. However, ratings plummeted after their departure. In January 1997, the station brought the duo back. Eddie & Jobo remained the anchors of the station until November 2008, when CBS Radio made a corporate decision to remove many of their veteran stars from their airwaves (and from their payrolls) nationwide. Eddie & Jobo were taken off the air as part of that wide-sweeping cost-cutting move. Despite the removal, the two stayed in good graces with CBS Radio Chicago, always spoke highly of the company, and remained friendly with their past co-workers and bosses.

After their exit from WBBM-FM, Eddie & Jobo kept in the public eye via social networking and in 2010, began working a Saturday evening shift for WLS-AM, along with and doing frequent weekday morning and afternoon fill-ins for the station.

In March 2011, Eddie & Jobo left WLS-AM to become the anchors of the new K-Hits station, which was replacing the jockless "Jack FM." They were the first hired and the first on the air for the station. At the time, Eddie & Jobo said in a statement: "This is one of the most exciting days in our long history in Chicago radio. To be rookies again, starting on a brand new radio station in our hometown is, well, who said 'you can't go home?' We knew when we walked out of the building in 2008 we weren't done. We weren't sure where we'd land but we're excited to have this opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Waking up Chicago once again is going to be great."

Eddie & Jobo have not yet issued any public statement on their new release. The staff at WJMK-FM was informed of the situation late this afternoon. The webpage of theirs and most mentions of Eddie & Jobo have already been removed from the 104.3 K-Hits website.

Although off the radio airwaves for now, Eddie & Jobo continue as spokespersons for the oddly popular United Auto Insurance television ads.

This is the second major morning show change that PD Todd Cavanah and CBS Radio Chicago has had to deal with in less than two weeks. WBBM-FM also parted ways with morning show co-host Julian Nieh at the start of last week. Julian Nieh was one of the hosts that replaced Eddie & Jobo the last time CBS Radio released them.

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