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Geoff Pinkus Exits WIND, Joins WCKG As Midday Host

WCKG AM 1530 has announced that starting January 7th, charismatic talk show host Geoff Pinkus will join the station as its new live & local midday show host. Pinkus comes to WCKG after years of being a weekend and overnight host at WIND-AM.

Since the Spring of 2008, Geoff Pinkus has been on the air at WIND-AM. He began as a weekend show host, took over the overnight shift at the station for a year, and then went back to hosting a popular Sunday night show since then. Pinkus, nicknamed "The Pinker" by WIND-AM morning show host John Howell, has two weeks left on his contract with WIND-AM.

With WCKG, Pinkus will be the station's first ever live & local weekday show, working middays 11:00am-1:00pm. While many radio stations locally and nationwide are removing local hosts and replacing them with cheap syndicated programming, WCKG is going the opposite direction, by removing syndicated programming and adding Chicago-area hosts that will focus on the station's surrounding communities. WCKG will continue to push to be the "Voice of DuPage County."

The new "Geoff Pinkus Show" will feature much of the same fun characters, conversation, and topics as his soon-to-be-former WIND-AM show made use of, plus much more. Planned for the future will be plenty of special guests, live remotes, and topics that will appeal to the DuPage County communities and the Chicago market at large.

Pinkus is known for his unique style, not found elsewhere on the Chicago radio dial. In a single show (and sometimes even in a single segment), he can be hilarious, confrontational, and generous. His no-nonsense, straight-forward attitude sometimes pushes boundaries, but always entertains. This is the same man to talked directly with Drew Peterson in March 2009, with Peterson's attorney Joel Brodsky at his side, and had no problem saying to his face, "I think you murdered your wife."

Pinkus was also the co-host, along with Chicago sports talk legend Chet Coppock, of the popular 2010 podcast "Unscripted & In Your Face."

In addition to his radio work, Pinkus is an entrepreneur who helps others lose weight and feel better via his Man Diet, and has even had his own line of "Pinker" cigars.

In a statement being released today, Geoff Pinkus talked about this great new opportunity, saying: "For years I was told I'd get a daily show 'when hell freezes over!' The Twinkie is gone. The Mayan calendar is ending... and now WCKG finally decides to hire me? Coincidence? Maybe. All I know is I've got some storable food, water stockpiles, good cigars, and a microphone ready. Starting January 7th at 11am, we're rockin' the suburbs. We're going to have fun on the radio again with real people."

"The Geoff Pinkus Show" will be part of what is currently an eclectic assortment of talks shows on WCKG. Prior to Pinkus' show will be Mancow (6:00am-8:00am) and Dan Patrick (8:00am-11:00am), and it will be followed by Alex Jones' show.

Regarding the current line-up, WCKG Station Manager Matt Dubiel says: "We're filling a hole. This is Money Ball for radio at WCKG. We pick up the best talent that's available. It's all designed to bring listeners programming they can't get anywhere else, and in turn provide main street businesses with an affordable and effective advertising outlet in the suburbs. WCKG makes the phone ring."

WCKG, the former WJJG-AM, has its studios and transmitter located in the west suburban Berkeley/Elmhurst area. WCKG is a Class D, sunrise to sunset-only station, transmitting at 760 watts, easily covering much of DuPage and Cook counties, especially with recent upgrades done to its transmitter and facilities.

Fans outside the signal coverage can stream the station from its website or listen 24/7 via WCKG's free iPhone, iPad and Android apps available at WCKGChicago.com. The station can also be picked up via the TuneIn radio app.

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