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WGN Radio Calls In The Reserves

WGN-AM broadcasts with a live host for nearly 24 hours a day, most days of the week. With two of its regular hosts now gone for good as of last week (John Williams and Milt Rosenberg), and with this being a holiday week, meaning the majority of the remaining regular hosts are on vacation, WGN Radio is calling in many of its reserves. For over the next week, WGN-AM will be filled with special guest personalities and special programming.

Among the guests hosts over the next week will be Pete McMurray, David Plier, Paul Lisnek, John St. Augustine, and JC Corcoran, plus Brian Noonan will get a chance to shine as a solo host once again and there will be extra hours for Nick Digilio and Dean Richards.

Pete McMurray, who previously worked as a talk show personality on WCKG-FM and WLUP-FM, both times with Jonathon Brandmeier, will get the chance to fill in for Brandmeier each weekday morning from 5:30am-9:00am between today and New Year's Day. He has been filling-in for Brandmeier since last week.

Paul Lisnek will be filling in for Mike McConnell each weekday morning this week from 9:00am-Noon, except for Christmas. Lisnek is the host of CLTV's nightly "Politics Tonight!" program. Next Monday morning, John St. Augustine will be the fill-in.

With John Williams no longer with the radio station, his Noon-3:00pm time slot will be filled this week by John St. Augustine (Wednesday & Thursday) and JC Corcoran (Friday & next Monday).

Garry Meier will be enjoying some family time, so in his place will be WGN-AM weekend host and WGN-TV entertainment reporter Dean Richards. Wednesday through Friday, Richards will be heard from 3:00pm-7:00pm. Next Monday, Brian Noonan will host the show and next Tuesday, New Year's Day, JC Corcoran will be the host.

WGN's "Sports Night" will still be co-hosted by Dave Kaplan & Brian Noonan, although co-host Andrea Darlas will be on vacation.

The 10:00pm-Midnight time slot, previously held by the recently released Milt Rosenberg, is for now being hosted by weekend host and fan favorite, Nick Digilio.

Working overnights after Christmas (Wednesday night/Thursday morning) and again on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day night will be frequent guest and guest host Dave Plier. As with all overnight hosts, there will be well over five hours of airtime to fill (Midnight-5:30am), so Plier already has some good guests lined up. Scheduled guests include:
- Brittney Payton, Walter Payton's daughter and co-host of WGN-TV/CLTV's "Chicago's Best."
- WGN-AM's Orion Samuelson, who will be discussing his new book "You Can't Dream Big Enough."
- Walter (Wally) Podrazik, co-author "Watching TV," who will discuss the best and worst TV of 2012.
- Dr. Ian Smith, author of the brand new book "Shred: The Revolutionary Diet," and host "Celebrity Fit Club," who will talk about dieting & eating habits in the new year.
- Chris Muratore, President of "Get Noticed Music," discussing the state of the music industry and the return of the vinyl record.
- Dag Juhlin (Poi Dog Pondering, Steve Dahl's daily podcast) and his band Expo 76 will perform live music from the studio, ringing & rockin' in the new year at the top of each hour (a WGN Radio tradition).

There will be no guests hosts starting at 3:00pm today (Christmas Eve) and running through 7:00pm tomorrow night (Christmas Day). Instead, WGN-AM will be airing holiday "best of" specials from all of their current hosts. Each one of these shows will run 60 minutes, except for a 30-minute show from Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong, and all will be pre-recorded. The only live programming will come at Midnight Christmas Eve, when WGN-AM will air the 90-minute Midnight Mass from Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral.

A week from tomorrow, New Year's Day, WGN-AM will broadcast the Gator Bowl college football game between the Northwestern Wildcats and the Mississippi State Bulldogs, starting at 10:00am.

The day after New Year's Day, January 2nd, will be the start of the all-new schedule and line-up for WGN Radio. This is the much-talked about change with new hours for Brandmeier, McConnell, and Leff, and the addition of Carol Roth's new "Noon Show" and Turi Ryder. However, it mow appears that Turi Ryder will be unable to start next week, so Nick Digilio will fill-in for that 10:00pm-1:00am shift until Ryder is able to begin her shift the following week.

With each day being quite different from the day and weeks before, WGN-AM fans are encouraged to check out the website's daily-updated schedule at this link HERE.

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