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Chicago Sun-Times Launches Grid Magazine, Angers Editor/Owner Of Chicago Grid Magazine

At the start of this month, the Chicago Sun-Times did a soft launch of a new weekly business magazine insert, entitled simply Grid. The Sunday magazine section can be found in most Chicago distributed Sunday Sun-Times newspapers, online, and eventually, in all of the Sun-Times Media newspapers, including reaching their suburban readers. However, the person behind the magazine and website Chicago Grid, is none to happy about what the Sun-Times has done.

Launched on February 3rd, the Chicago Sun-Times' Grid was created to be a new form of business news magazine. Like other Wrapports projects, Grid is aiming to be a multimedia experience that will connect with not only the typical, older business news reader, but also younger readers and those who previously did not pay attention to business sections of newspapers. The Grid project is being headed up by Brandon Copple, formerly of Crain's Chicago Business and Groupon.

Kristina Zaremba is the owner, founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Chicago Grid, a quarterly magazine started in July 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Roosevelt University and a Master Degree in Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse from DePaul University.

Zaremba feels that Wrapports, LLC's new magazine Grid, and especially that magazine's website ChicagoGrid.com, is infringing upon her trademark.

The Chicago Grid began as a magazine which looked at Chicago news, but especially chose to shine a spotlight local hu­man rights issues, ecological stories, and local culture. The last physical/PDF magazine was published in Spring 2011. Since then, the magazine has been building a new website to relaunch as an online entity. In the meantime, it has kept up with fans and readers via its social media pages and sponsored/supported local events.

While the internal content of the two magazines differs, the name of the magazine seems to be causing confusion between fans of each. A bigger problem seems to come from Grid's online presence, which is found at ChicagoGrid.com and has the words "Copyright © 2013. ChicagoGrid." appear along the bottom of each page.

Kristina Zaremba said today "I have received emails and tweets intended for Wrapports, and I've seen unusual traffic since their launch, which indicates confusion between the two publications due to Wrapports choosing a mark so similar to mine."

Zaremba's Twitter account (which she has held since 2009), @ChicagoGrid sent out a tweet on the morning of February 5th, noting the problem of the new similar named Chicago Sun-Times/Wrapports publication and website. Later that same day, the Sun-Times' Grid Twitter account, @Grid_Chicago sent out its first ever tweet.

Said Zaremba today "With such a large paid staff, it's really sad that they couldn't come up with an original name. Either they are incompetent and didn't perform the necessary due diligence or are lacking serious ethics and lifted a name ready-made from a publication that is staffed by volunteers and funded out of my own pocket and through donations."

She has also admitted that she applied to work for the Chicago Sun-Times as a journalist in November 2012. Her cover letter included a link for TheChicagoGrid.com as an example of her work. According to registration records, Wrapports purchased the domain ChicagoGrid.com from a third party on December 14th. (It was created by that third party in November 2005.) Wrapports has recently filed for a trademark of "Grid," which is not yet approved.

Since she feels her Chicago Grid property is being infringed upon, Zaremba has reached out to Wrapports's general counsel, Marielle V. Lifshitz, a few times via email and telephone. She has yet to receive a response.

With the lack of response by Wrapports, Zaremba is now preparing to take the matter to court and is accepting donations at this link HERE to help pay for attorney/legal fees. She is also seeking attorneys willing to take on the media giant.

Once this situation is settled, Kristina Zaremba is planning to finally re-launch The Chicago Grid website and magazine. She is now looking for new contributors to help write about arts and culture, free events, green living, DIY resources, public affairs, and other issues. She can be reached This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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