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Christina Filiaggi In; Jill Urchak Out At WLS

What has been talked about for almost two months will finally happen. Christina Filiaggi is returning to WLS-AM and the Roe Conn Show. The change begins this coming Monday afternoon, March 29th at 2:00pm. Filiaggi will do the news & traffic updates on the show, as well as be allowed to chime in periodically to other conversations on the show, as she used to do. In addition to her WLS-AM position, Christina Filiaggi will also be doing the news & traffic updates during the same time period on WLS-FM.

Not officially a WLS employee, Christina Filiaggi will be brought on through an arrangement with Clear Channel traffic.

This Christina Filiaggi's third go-round on WLS and with Roe Conn. She was first laid off from WLS in a major corporate wave of firings that occurred on February 29, 2008. Roe Conn was openly upset by this and was able to get Christina back on his show on June 16th, 2008, through a similar arrangement through Clear Channel traffic that they have again used. However, less than a year later, on May 8th, 2009, more cutbacks happened and Christina was once again let go. Outside of a couple of guest appearences on Geoff Pinkus' "Livin' Large" program on WIND-AM, she has been out of radio since that last lay off.

Christina Filiaggi is a native of Chicago's western suburbs and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Illinois Wesleyan University. She received her start in radio from Steve Dahl, who hired her first to be his office manager, eventually becoming a Producer for Dahl and then a host of his "Best Of" shows. She joined Shadow Traffic as a reporter in 1996.

While this is good news for Christina Filiaggi and her fans, the news is not so good for veteran traffic reporter Jill Urchak. Filiaggi's return now displaces Urchak from the WLS schedule. While Jill Urchak has not been fired from Clear Channel Traffic, sadly this does leave this talented person off the air for now.

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