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WGN Radio Announces Changes to Weekday Programming

The following is a press release from WGN Radio 720 about some changes to the lineup that will now begin tomorrow, April 9th:




WGN Radio Announces Changes to Weekday Programming

CHICAGO, April 8, 2010 - Garry Meier's coming back to afternoon drive time on WGN Radio. The station announced today that the 37-year radio veteran, known to millions of fans across the Midwest, will move his show to 3-7pm weekdays beginning tomorrow.

"Response to Garry's early afternoon show has been great, and we want more people to know he's on WGN Radio," said Kevin Metheny, WGN Radio's program director. "This schedule adjustment gets Garry more starts in front of more listeners, often following the powerful audience magnet of the Chicago Cubs."

For his part, Meier is excited about the shift. "When management approached me and said they were going to make some changes I thought, 'Here we go, I should not have dropped out of pharmacy school.' But the news turned out to be good. I'm looking forward to my sophomore year at the 'G' and I intend to enjoy it as much as I did my sophomore year in high school. I don't know why sophomoric gets such a bad rap."

Current afternoon drive host Steve Cochran will shift to 1-3pm. Greg Jarrett and John Williams will remain in their respective 5-9am and 9am-1pm shows. In an arrangement not uncommon in the radio industry, John Williams will also host a show on WCCO-AM in the Twin Cities, where he spent four years prior to joining WGN Radio in 1997. Williams will broadcast from the WGN Radio studios, airing from 9am-1pm in Chicago and from 1pm-3pm in the Twin Cities.

"Over the years I've remained in contact with many of my friends at WCCO, including Program Director Wendy Paulson," said Williams. "A few months back Wendy asked if I would be interested in doing some fill in work on WCCO while they searched for a replacement to Don Shelby."

Paulson said the timing was perfect. "The response from the listeners was immediate and overwhelming." Immediately the team at WCCO initiated an arrangement to get John back on WCCO in some capacity, which will commence on April 13.

Following Garry Meier, Jim Laski will be on the air from 7-10pm, when not preempted by Cubs, Blackhawks or Northwestern basketball broadcasts. Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg will now air from 10pm-12am, Monday through Thursday. Since Milt's show was often preempted by play-by-play sports, listeners will have the opportunity to hear him more regularly. On Friday nights, Nick Digilio will begin his show one hour earlier, hosting from 10pm-2am. Steve King & Johnnie Putman's show will air from 12-5am.

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