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Today Declared 'Dick Biondi' Day

Today is much more than just "May Day," it is officially "Dick Biondi Day!" The following is a press release from the Office of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn:

Governor Pat Quinn Proclaims Dick Biondi Day

Honors Legendary Disc Jockey for 50 years of
Spinning Music that has Defined Generations

CHICAGO – May 1, 2010. Governor Pat Quinn today proclaimed Dick Biondi Day in Illinois, honoring the radio legend for his 50-year career and his continuing influence on rock and roll music and popular culture.

"Dick Biondi is a radio legend, beloved not only for his exceptional performances but also for his never-ending commitment to his fans," said Governor Quinn. "I salute this extraordinary broadcasting talent for introducing us to the sounds that have defined generations, created communities of avid listeners and sparked a love of music that transcends all boundaries."

Known around the country for his energetic on-air style, Dick Biondi has a deep and tremendous appreciation for rock and roll. Throughout his career, he has identified and helped launch the careers of some of the greatest artists in popular music.

Dick Biondi was among the first disc jockeys to play rock and roll greats such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent. He earned a lasting place in the history of American popular culture on Feb. 8, 1963, when he became the first disc jockey in the United States to play a song by the Beatles, introducing American fans to "Please Please Me."

Dick Biondi came to Chicago on May 2, 1960, when he joined WLS-AM radio and proceeded to become the nation's top disc jockey. He later joined WCFL-AM in Chicago, playing the best of rock and roll, and presenting specialty shows such as "Dick Biondi Labels the Blues," which showcased the history of rock and roll for millions of listeners. Dick Biondi also hosted a weekly "Vietnam Show" that gave listeners the opportunity to send greetings to family and friends serving overseas.

In 1984, Dick Biondi returned to Chicago and became the signature voice for WJMK-FM's Oldies 104.3, delighting his longtime fans for more than two decades and introducing new generations to the greatest popular music of the 1950s and 1960s. In 2006, he brought his signature style and encyclopedic knowledge of rock and roll to WLS-FM, where he now hosts "True Oldies on 94.7."

The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame honored Dick Biondi in a 1995 exhibit on legendary disc jockeys, and in 1998 he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Governor Quinn is joining Dick Biondi on his special 50th anniversary live call-in broadcast on May 2 at the WLS Radio studios, where he will present a copy of the proclamation in his honor.

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