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Joan Esposito on WGN-TV News at 9:00

For almost twenty years, Joan Esposito was a fixture on the Chicago TV news scene. She began her Chicago news career at WGN-TV, then moved to WLS-TV as an anchor for a decade, and finally, spending a few years anchoring & reporting for WMAQ-TV. Tonight at 9:00pm, she makes a brief return to WGN-TV, where it all started for her in this town.

Joan Esposito, who secretly fought -- and hopefully beat -- cancer over the last few years will publicly speak about her battles with it to WGN's Dina Bair. With her cancer in remission, she is willing to speak openly about her lymphoma and try to help others with her story.

Esposito & Bair will also talk about the Imerman Angels, a Chicago-based organization that provides free one-on-one cancer support for those forced to deal with the disease. IA pairs up the cancer patient with a survivor who has had to deal with the same type of cancer to help support the patient on deeper levels than than a medical doctor can. Both women have been supporters of IA in the past.

Dina Bair has known Joan Esposito for many years, as she started out her television career as Joan's intern at WLS-TV and also worked with her in a production role at WMAQ-TV. Bair herself is a cancer survivor, having beat melanoma. Just this Monday she received another clean bill of health from her doctor, writing on her Facebook page, "Doctor visit. Good news! I was so prepared for bad news, I cried anyway. All smiles now."

Since leaving television news, Joan Esposito co-founded J2SC, a popular media training and consulting firm.

Joan Esposito's return to WGN and her talk with Dina Bair (which was first mentioned in a column by Robert Feder back in late March) airs tonight, Wednesday the 19th, on WGN's News at Nine.

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