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Danny Lake Promoted To Afternoon DJ At WLS-FM

A weekend DJ on WLS-FM since 2008, Danny Lake finally gets promoted up to weekdays. He has been chosen as the new afternoon personality on WLS-FM effective immediately.

Lake had already been working this 2:00pm-6:00pm afternoon shift as a fill-in since the start of April (with the exception of a few days), after WLS-FM Program Director and Cumulus Senior Vice President of Programming Jan Jeffries decided to fire Chicago radio legend Fred Winston. Jeffries recently made the decision to give the shift permanently to Lake.

Many fans of WLS-FM will know Danny Lake from his years of hosting "The Saturday Night Party" on the station. He has also been one of the few weekend hosts and a frequent fill-in for most of the weekday shifts.

Lake is a native Chicagoan from the southwest side. His first radio job was at Chicago's WCGO-AM in 1978 (right out of high school), followed by suburban WYEN-FM in 1983 (where he was on the air and also Production Director) and a quick stop at WCLR-FM in Chicago. At the time, he was known on the air as Bob Worthington. In 1986, Worthington moved east. He was held radio jobs at three stations in New York, as well as jobs at radio stations in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. He was also the host and producer of the nationally syndicated "Solid Gold Saturday Night with Bob Worthington" program from 1988-1996.

In 2006, he moved back to the Midwest, closer to home. Using the radio name Danny Miller, he worked for two years at Milwaukee's WMYX-FM. In 2008, the name Danny Lake was born and he came to WLS-FM.

In addition to his radio work, he has a successful voice-over business in the north suburbs with his wife, Allie, appropriately named Bob Worthington Voice-Overs. His voice-over work has been heard in all of the major markets in the U.S., as well as heard on radio internationally (Canada, New Zealand, England, Ireland, and more).

Before he even started in radio Bob Worthington/Danny Lake studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago (where he also interned at WLS-AM while it was still a music station) and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1982 from Columbia College Chicago.

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