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Ted Brunson Exits WGN-TV's 'Chicago's Best'

Ted Brunson, one of the original hosts the local food magazine program "Chicago's Best," which airs on WGN-TV and CLTV, has left the show after over three years with it. The exit of Brunson's was voluntary and said to be completely amicable.

Asked about the seemingly-sudden departure of Brunson's, a spokesperson for WGN-TV said to CRM this afternoon: "This was completely Ted's decision and we wish him all the best."

Ted Brunson himself made the announcement today with a video he produced and posted on his personal and public Facebook pages. (See the video below.) In it, Brunson simply says, "It's time to move on."

As for what is next for him, Brunson ("Teddy" to his friends) isn't ready to reveal those plans, only to say that he's "not out of the food scene... not out of the TV scene.. I'm not going anywhere."

Fans can continue to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and soon on his own website TeddyBrunson.com (still under construction).

Ted Brunson is a Florida native, but has lived in Chicago for around 25 years now, and is very much a Chicagoan. He has a long history of working in television, including almost six years working on air for Comcast SportsNet Chicago, as well as being a freelance host or reporter for WGN-TV, TLC, Speed TV, ESPN, and other networks.

In 2011, not only did "Chicago's Best" win an Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award, but Brunson personally won an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Performance of Host."

The television show, which began in April 2010, has been sampling Chicago area food, much of which is suggested by the "Chicago's Best" Facebook page followers. In the last three years, nearly 500 different restaurants have been profiled by the program.

"Chicago's Best" airs on WGN-TV Sunday nights at 10:00pm. Encore airings of the Sunday episodes air at least once each day on sister-station CLTV (check your daily listings for exact times), and the following Saturday on WGN-TV at 5:30pm. Last month, "Chicago's Best" celebrated its 100th episode.

There is currently no word from WGN-TV or "Chicago's Best" production company, Oak Brook Productions, on a replacement (if any) for Brunson.

UPDATE: 5/23/13: A spokesperson for WGN-TV said today that a search is now underway for a new co-host for "Chicago's Best" to replace Ted Brunson.

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