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WLS-TV Releases Anchor/Reporter Sylvia Perez

WLS-TV/ABC 7 Chicago has released news anchor and "Healthbeat" reporter Sylvia Perez after 24 years with the station. Officially, her contract, which expires in September, is not being renewed. Her last time on the air was yesterday, June 20th.

It is the general policy of WLS-TV to not comment on personnel matters, so there is no official comment from the station regarding the exit of Sylvia Perez. However, inside sources confirm that she is no longer on the air for ABC 7. Morning news anchor Judy Hsu filled the 11:00am newscast co-anchor vacancy today, with no mention of the missing Perez.

After ABC 7 Chicago released their new fall daytime schedule yesterday, it was revealed that the 11:00am newscast was being removed in September to make room for "Windy City LIVE," which was moving later by two hours. The "WCL" move to 11:00am was caused by the addition of the ABC-syndicated "Live with Kelly & Michael," which moves from WGN-TV to WLS-TV at 9:00am. This in essence canceled the long-running 11:00am midday newscast.

Friends & co-anchors,
Yu & Perez
The 11:00am newscast of WLS-TV's had been on the air since 1992. Its news anchors from the start were Linda Yu and Sylvia Perez. With the removal of this newscast next September, it means there would no longer be a morning role for Yu and Perez.

Linda Yu will remain with the station, as co-anchor of the 4:00pm newscast and fill-in news anchor. However, Sylvia Perez, with no other duties beside her medical reports, and with her contract expiring in the near future, became expendable, especially in a time of tightening TV station budgets.

Sylvia Perez has been with WLS-TV since June 1989, where she began as a weekend news anchor and general assignment reporter. She quickly moved up the ranks, being named as the station's medical reporter (after the previous medical reporter, Mary Ann Childers exited the station) and co-anchor of its then-new midday newscast.

Perez's "Healthbeat" reports for ABC 7 newscasts have earned her two Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards, a Peter Lisagor Award, and a Silver Dome Award.

Before coming to the Chicago market, Sylvia Perez worked in Houston, TX; Amarillo, TX; Denver, CO; and Lawton, OK -- her hometown.

Perez, 52, lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two teenage daughters.

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