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'The David Kaplan Show' Replaces 'WGN Sports Night' & Turi Ryder

This morning, prior to the start of WGN-AM's coverage of the Chicago Blackhawks championship parade and rally, WGN Radio's David Kaplan made the announcement that beginning this coming Monday, nights at the station will sound a little different. Replacing both "WGN Sports Night" and Turi Ryder's talk show will be "The David Kaplan Show."

"The David Kaplan Show" will air weeknights from 7:00pm-Midnight. The program will be similar to "Sports Night," which David Kaplan hosted, with a few exceptions. First, the show is longer, expanding from three hours to five hours. Secondly, the show will be entirely sports-focused. "Sports Night" would cover sports, but also veer off into other fun and topical subjects. The new show will be sports only, for the most part. Thirdly, "Kap" will have different co-hosts.

Joining David Kaplan for this new show will be WGN sports reporters Jordan Bernfield and Mark Carman. They replace Brian Noonan and Andrea Darlas, who remain with WGN-AM in other capacities.

The final hour of the show will be "The Re-Kap," as Bernfield and Carman (without Kaplan) will go over the sports headlines of the day and replay interesting interviews of David Kaplan's from earlier in the evening, which those tuning in late to the show may have missed.

Jordan Bernfield has been with WGN-AM since May 2007. For Mark Carman, it's a welcome back to WGN Radio. He had been with the station as the Executive Producer of "Sports Central" from 2007-2010, but released when "Sports Central" was cancelled. The Chicago native had been working for Yahoo Sports Radio in Texas since then.

Turi Ryder did her final shows for WGN-AM this week (although she may do some fill-in work in the future). She had only been with the station for a little over six months. Last night's "WGN Sports Night" was its final episode. The show had been on the station in its current form since December 2010.

Oddly enough, the original name of the show in December 2010 was going to be "The David Kaplan Show," but a decision was made to instead call it "Sports Night." That name was a nod to its previous incarnation, "Sports Central," which was taken off the air by then-Program Director Kevin Metheny, who chose to put Jim Laski, a radio novice and disgraced politician, on the air in its place. After the removal of Metheny and Laski from the station, then-General Manager Tom Langmyer decided to bring back sports talk to the nighttime line-up. However, it was decided that this version of it would go beyond just sports and have enjoyable conversations in other areas, as well. Thus "Sports Night" was born.

In addition to his work on WGN-AM, the always-busy Kaplan will continue to do work for Comcast SportsNet Chicago, including hosting talk show, "Sports Talk Live," seen each weekday from 5:30pm-6:30pm (although that time can vary due to live TV sports programming on the station).

David Kaplan is a Skokie native, who continues to live in the northern suburbs with his family. He played both football and baseball at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Prior to joining WGN-AM in April 1995, Kaplan made a name for himself at WMVP-AM from 1993-1994.

In his twenty years on Chicago radio and television covering sports, Kaplan has been honored and awarded numerous times for his work. Among the many accolades, he has earned six "Achievement in Radio" awards, been named as the Associated Press' "Newsfinder of the Year," won two "Silver Dome" awards from the Illinois Broadcasters Association, and three Emmy Awards.

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