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Susan Carlson To Join WLS-AM As Afternoon News Anchor

Former WBBM-TV/CBS 2 News Anchor Susan Carlson will join WLS-AM as the new afternoon news anchor/co-host on "The Roe Conn Show with Richard Roeper." Roe Conn himself made the announcement on the air this afternoon.

Carlson will be replacing Jim Johnson, who retired this past Friday after 45 consecutive years with the station.

She will be unable to start anytime soon, though. As Susan Carlson revealed to CRM last month in her interview with the website, she remains under contract with CBS Television through Thursday, July 18th. She will be free to work elsewhere after that date, which places her start date at WLS-AM in later days of the month.

This is far from Susan Carlson's first time at WLS-AM. For four years (1998-2002) she worked as a news/traffic reporter for Roe Conn and Garry Meier's afternoon show on WLS-AM. Since then, she has often appeared as a guest on Conn's show. A few years ago, former management at WLS-AM also considered hiring Susan Carlson as a host on the station, pairing her up with then-midday host Cisco Cotto. Those plans did not pan out, as WBBM-TV did not wish to have their employee on a radio station that competed with other CBS-owned radio stations in the market, and also one which shared call letters with their top television rival.

Carlson started out her broadcasting career in radio, working at north suburban WXLC-FM and WKRS-AM, delivering newscasts and working as a sidekick to the FM morning show. After her time in the suburbs, she joined Shadow Traffic's radio services, working as its news director. Through Shadow Broadcast Services, she was heard delivering news and traffic reports on a few Chicago radio stations, including WTMX-FM, WNND-FM (now WILV-FM), WJMK-FM, and WSCR-AM. That was followed by her four years at WLS-AM.

She began on television in 1995, working as a traffic reporter on WGN-TV's Saturday morning news for three years. After that, she did some fill-in/freelance traffic reporting work for WLS-TV and was able to be a street reporter for the station's annual Thanksgiving Day Parade coverage. In December 2002, Susan Carlson finally was able to land a full-time role in television, joining WBBM-TV as morning news traffic reporter. She also was given the opportunity to have a bigger role with the station as a general assignment reporter for the 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 10:00pm newscasts.

From there, Carlson was given the opportunity to be a news anchor on CBS 2's Saturday morning newscasts and the short-lived "CBS 2 @ Your Desk" web-only newscasts. In late 2009, she as picked to deliver news headlines on the ill-fated CBS 2 morning show "Monsters and Money in the Morning." After that ratings-troubled show came to an end in August 2010, Carlson was named to be the initial morning news co-anchor on the early morning newscast that replaced "Monsters and Money."

She has been with the station in many different capacities for the last 10.5 years -- from traffic reporter, to feature reporter, to news anchor -- proving to be one of their most versatile employees.

On May 17th, WBBM-TV/CBS 2 removed Carlson from the air. Her contract was nearing its end and the station made the business decision to not renew it. Even though there were still two months remaining on the contract, management felt it was best to remove her immediately.

The move proved to be extremely unpopular with fans.

While she is not yet back on television, fans will be happy to know they can at least hear her voice each weekday afternoon between 2:00pm and 6:00pm on WLS-AM, once she is able to start in a few weeks.

Asked by CRM for a comment about her new radio job, Susan Carlson wanted to comment on it, but due to her still binding deal with CBS Television, she was unable to do so at this time. She respectfully declined.

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