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'The Savage Nation' Coming To WLS-AM In January

While there has been little attempt at keeping this news a secret recently, Cumulus Media Networks today officially announced that Michael Savage's syndicated radio show "The Savage Nation" will be replacing the syndicated "Sean Hannity Show" on its radio stations, beginning in early January, 2014. This means Michael Savage will once again be heard on Chicago's airwaves, this time on WLS-AM.

Sean Hannity's syndicated weekday talk show is distributed by Clear Channel's Premiere Networks. Cumulus, the owner of WLS-AM, chose to not renew their contract for Hannity's show. That contract expires at the end of this year. Instead, it made more business sense to replace Hannity's conservative talk show with another conservative talk show, this one distributed by Cumulus. That show is "The Savage Nation."

In October 2012, Michael Savage signed on with Cumulus Media Networks as his show's syndicator, after a lengthy time spent with smaller syndication company TRN. This was done by Savage for numerous reasons -- one of which was his hoping to get exposure on Cumulus' talk and news stations if/when an opening occurred.

Starting in January, Savage's nighttime show will now move to its new afternoon hours of 2:00pm-5:00pm CT. Those are the same hours of Sean Hannity's show. However, locally, those will not be the hours Savage's show will be heard.

On WLS-AM currently, Sean Hannity's show is aired on a four-hour delay, running from 6:00pm-9:00pm. When Michael Savage replaces Sean Hannity, he will also be taking over those same hours on WLS-AM, starting at 6:00pm, immediately after "The Roe Conn Show with Richard Roeper."

This morning's press release from Cumulus Radio Networks had suggested that WLS-AM would be among the Cumulus radio stations across the country airing "The Savage Nation" live. That is not the case, though, as confirmed by WLS-AM management this afternoon.

It is a return to the Chicago airwaves for Michael Savage, who was last heard on suburban WCKG-AM (formerly WJJG-AM) from the start of October 2011 through the end of September 2012. Prior to that time, Michael Savage's show was heard on WIND-AM for nearly seven years.

Born Michael Alan Weiner in New York, the 71 year-old Savage does his syndicated radio show from a studio in San Francisco, CA.

The controversial "Savage Nation" is one of the top 10 syndicated radio talk shows in the country. According to industry website Talkers this month, Michael Savage's syndicated show currently has over 3.5 million listeners per week nationwide.

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