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WLS-AM Hires Kelli Walker As Morning Traffic Reporter

WLS-AM has filled its vacancy for morning traffic reporter by hiring veteran Chicago news/traffic voice Kelli Walker. She will now work the weekday morning shift for the station, beginning Monday.

Since graduating from the Illinois Center for Broadcasting in 2000, Kelli Walker has been working pretty much non-stop in local radio, starting at smaller suburban radio stations, working weekend shifts at stations like WILV-FM, and reporting news and traffic for outlets like Metro Traffic, and most recently, Total Traffic Network. She has been heard on WLIT-FM, WGCI-FM, WKSC-FM, and WVAZ-FM. In addition to doing reports for Chicago radio, she has been heard delivering traffic reports (from Chicago) on radio stations in Minneapolis, St Louis, Indianapolis, and Houston.

Walker has also been seen on television as a fill-in traffic reporter for WFLD-TV's "Good Day Chicago" and has done playlist countdowns on the Sunday version of Bart Shore's popular podcast "Time Warp Radio."

Kelli Walker takes over the 4:30am-9:15am Monday-Friday hours. She will be heard delivering traffic reports during the "First Morning News" with John Dempsey, as well as throughout Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft's morning show.

Walker's new shift is the same one that was previously worked by Wendy Snyder. After receiving an offer to become midday co-host at WGN-AM, Wendy Snyder exited WLS-AM at the end of August. She had been in that role since 2006.

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