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WFLD-TV To Move Corey McPherrin To Noon News Anchor

With WFLD-TV/FOX 32 revamping its "Good Day Chicago" morning show, with all new or newer anchors and reporters, that means all of the current anchors of that program would be moving elsewhere. Of those anchors, only Corey McPherrin's fate was left unclear. Finally, Corey McPherrin's new role at the station has been revealed.

According to a report by industry website TV Spy, Corey McPherrin will shift from morning show host to hard news anchor. Beginning next month, McPherrin will take over as news anchor for FOX 32's Noon newscast. He will anchor the midday newscasts solo for now.

Additionally, McPherrin will work as a news reporter for WFLD-TV's 9:00pm newscast.

Corey McPherrin has been with WFLD-TV since 1995. For 15 years, he served as the station's lead sports anchor. In July 2010, a former station management team decided to move McPherrin from sports anchor to co-host of their morning show "Good Day Chicago." The move never seemed to connect with viewers, and some say, with McPherrin himself.

With this latest move, McPherrin will have gone from sports, to morning show host, to serious news anchor -- his first time doing so in his 36-year broadcasting career.

After graduating from Butler University with a Bachelor's degree Radio-Television, McPherrin began his television career in Davenport, IA in 1977. From there, he went to be a sports anchor and/or reporter at television stations in Quincy, IL; New Orleans, LA; Denver, CO; Atlanta, GA, and New York, NY.

After working in many different markets, the native of south suburban Markham was finally given the opportunity to work in his home market in 1991, when WBBM-TV/CBS 2 hired McPherrin as their sports anchor. He remained in that role for four years before moving to WFLD-TV.

The moving of McPherrin to Noon news anchor is the latest in a long string of changes taking place with WFLD-TV's newscasts. Other changes include the exits of news anchors Bob Sirott, Kori Chambers, and Anna Davlantes, the upcoming shifting from news anchor to contributing reporter for Robin Robinson, the exit of executive producer Dominick Stasi, the expected upcoming exit of reporter Patrick Elwood, the promotion from mornings to evening news anchor for Dawn Hasbrouck, and the hiring of anchors/hosts/reporters Jeff Herdon, Jon Kelley, Natalie Bomke, Melody Mendez, and Jake Hamilton.

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