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ESPN Reorganization Of Radio/Audio Division Changes Management Structure For WMVP-AM

ESPN Radio, now part of the broader ESPN Audio, has reorganized its executive structure. With these changes, the management structure of Chicago's WMVP-AM/ESPN 1000, among other ESPN-owned stations, changes with it.

Traug Keller, ESPN Senior Vice President of Production Business Divisions, made the announcement of the executive restructuring on Monday.

ESPN Audio will be split into two divisions: ESPN Network and ESPN Local. ESPN Network oversees the nationally syndicated radio programming, podcasts, and websites. ESPN Local oversees ESPN's two owned and operated radio stations, Chicago's WMVP-AM and Los Angeles' KSPN-AM, as well as New York's WEPN-FM, which ESPN does not own, but fully operates under an agreement with station owner Emmis Communications. ESPN Local will also oversee the ESPN owned and operated websites that are city-specific, including ESPNChicago.com, ESPNLosAngeles.com, ESPNNew York.com, and ESPNDallas.com.

ESPN Network, which has been overseen by Senior Vice president Mo Davenport for the last seven years, will continue to be led by him. ESPN Network will consist of three sub-divisions: National Sales Revenue, Audio Digital and Marketing Strategy, and Network Content -- each with their own leaders reporting back to Davenport.

Where Chicago's radio station will see managerial changes is effective is with the new leadership structure to ESPN Local.

Senior Vice President Jim Pastor will lead ESPN Local. Pastor was previously the General Manager for WMVP-AM from 2004-2009, until he was promoted up to Senior Vice President for Business Divisions, overseeing the then-new ESPNLocal.com division.

While Keller and Davenport will be based out of ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT, Pastor will continue to be based out of Chicago.

Pastor will oversee two sub-divisions of ESPN Local: ESPN Local Revenue and ESPN Local Content.

Leading the Local Revenue division will be John Cravens, who retains his Vice President title. Cravens has been the General Manager of WMVP-AM since soon after the promotion of Pastor. He will now turn his focus more towards the sales and revenue side of the business. Cravens will stay located in Chicago.

Local Content will be led by Scott McCarthy, who also remains a Vice President. McCarthy has been the General Manager of KSPN-AM since January 2011. He will essentially be taking over as General Manager for all of the ESPN-operated stations, including Chicago's WMVP-AM, although Jim Pastor, being stationed in Chicago, will also have a say in WMVP-AM's business dealings. McCarthy will be based out of Los Angeles for now. The actual role of station General Manager has been phased out with these new changes.

WMVP-AM Program Director Adam Delevitt's role remains unchanged.

ESPN Deportes Radio also remains unchanged.

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