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'Baseline With Chris Base' Returns & Expands

"Baseline with Chris Base" makes its return on Monday afternoon. In addition to coming back after a few weeks away, the talk show will be heard in a new location and be expanded from weekly to daily.

A few weeks ago, Chicago radio veteran Chris Base announced his exit from WYAM/JammChicago.com, where his weekly show "Baseline" had been heard for over four years.

Starting tomorrow, the show moves to a new web-based home, Urban Broadcast Media. There, "Baseline" will be heard live each Monday-Friday from 4:00pm-6:00pm.

Just as before, the talk show will discuss the news, current events, and important issues of the day, often along with special guests. Continuing to be a regular contributor to the show will be former WGCI morning star Harold Lee Rush. While there will be live phone lines on each of the daily shows, Base plans on having Fridays feature a "Free Your Mind" theme, with callers dictating the conversation of the day. The call-in phone number will be 312-754-4333.

Urban Broadcast Media, or UBM, launched this past summer. Moving "Baseline" to UBM was done in thanks to a helping hand by former WBMX-FM/WGCI-FM programmer and DJ Lee Michaels. Additionally, former WPWX-FM/Power 92.3 morning star Trey Da Choklit Jok is UBN's Director of Radio Operations.

Chris Base's talk show "Baseline" first made its debut on Chicago radio in the spring of 2007 and previously aired on WKKC-FM and WVON-AM.

The show's host, Chris Base is a Chicago radio veteran of over 20 years. He has worked as a board operator, producer, news anchor, and most notably, as show host on numerous stations locally. Base's resume includes over 14 years at WLS-AM, as well as time at WVON-AM, WGCI-FM, WGRB-AM, WBEE-AM, WWCA-AM, and WKKC-FM.

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