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Former Chicago DJ Bob Dearborn Starts New Site

Bob Dearborn is a name that should be familiar to any longtime Chicago radio fans. For six years, he was a top DJ at Chicago's WCFL-AM, playing the top hits of the day from 1970 to 1976. He also spent a few weeks at WIND-AM just before that. While he was a personality at "Super CFL," he became famous nationwide (and arguably, worldwide) for his in-depth analysis & deciphering of the lyrics to Don McLean's "American Pie." Something that still gets talked about, even to this day.

You can still read his take on American pie at this webpage HERE. You can also listen to an aircheck of his WCFL days on the CRM audio page, a direct link to which is HERE. Pictures of Bob Dearborn from his Chicago radio days can be found on CRM Memory Lane/Personalities page HERE.

Before and after his time in Chicago, Dearborn has worked at markets all across North America. He started in Ontario, worked his way along the east coast & Midwest, down to Florida and over to Pacific Northwest. He found his way back to Chicago twice, once working at WJJD from 1989-1994 and then again to work at WJMK-FM in 2002. In 2003, he was given a chance to return to southern Ontario, where it all started for him, and he has been there ever since. (Though no longer here, he still remains a Chicago White Sox fan, by the way.)

So what is Bob Dearborn up to now? He has started up a new site called "The Olde Disc Jockey's Almanac." The site is a free, online prep sheet, updated daily, for use for media professionals (although it is open for anybody to enjoy). He wishes to make it an accurate tool in a disk jockey's arsenal. The daily information found on the site will give the DJ updated information about celebrity birthdays, famous events that happened on a given day, even a "Joke du Jour."

In a statement sent to CRM today, Dearborn wrote, "How many times have you heard someone on the radio wish a happy birthday to a celebrity who's been dead for years? Why are the typically spotlighted celebrities only from the Kardashian-Spears-Lohan-Simpson generation? Why are Canadian celebrities routinely ignored? What about stars of the sports, media and political worlds? Aren't they celebrities, too?"

In talking about his long & detailed "This Day In History" segments, Dearborn said "Because I think it's important to remember public figures who've had an impact on our lives, there are entries that note the anniversaries of their passing. These items are not just about music and showbiz either. To give some context, I've included important moments in world history alongside the showbiz items. Discovering that the 7-day Arab-Israeli war ended on the same day the Monkees recorded "Pleasant Valley Sunday" gives new perspective to both events."

The site just launched and it already has received page views from all six of the Canadian provinces, 36 US states, plus India, Switzerland, Finland, South Korea, Japan and Brazil!

The site will have fresh information each & every morning. If you are in the radio biz or just enjoy knowing what's up, get the info from a true radio vet: Bob Dearborn and his new site, "The Olde Disc Jockey's Almanac."

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