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Tribune Promotes Two More Ex-Jacor/Clear Channel Employees

As mentioned on CRM yesterday in News & Notes, the recent promotion of Jeff Kapugi, that makes room for others to advance within Chicago-based Tribune Interactive, and gives Kapugi the power to promote more of Randy Michaels old pals from Clear Channel. Earlier this week, Julie Anderson was promoted to Senior Vice-President of Content & Integration at Tribune Interactive. Yesterday, two more former Clear Channel people were promoted within Tribune Interactive: Tim Dukes and Andy Friedman.

Tim Dukes has been named Vice-President of Interactive Marketing. He previously held the of Vice President of Promotions, a title he was given when Randy Michaels brought him aboard in July 2008. Tim Dukes may be best remembered to Chicagoans as a former Program Director for WLUP-FM. It was Dukes that helped bring Jonathon Brandmeier back to Chicago in October of 2005. Of course, it was also Dukes who fired fan-favorite Cara Carriveau after she had sent an innocent e-mail to then-Sun-Times columnist Robert Feder, which he then published in his column, saying it was a shame that so many iconic Chicago radio personalities were off the air in October of 2006. (To be fair, General Manger Marv Nyren was also largely responsible for both decisions.) Tim Dukes himself was fired from WLUP in February 2007.

However, how Tim Dukes came to be part of Tribune Company has do with his long radio career before WLUP. For well over a dozen years before taking the WLUP position, Dukes was a radio executive with Clear Channel, and Jacor before that, working for Randy Michaels, the current Tribune CEO. He had worked in Ohio, Georgia and some other southern markets with CC/Jacor. Dukes had not previously ever worked for a newspaper or interactive media company before being hired by Tribune Company. He had worked with Randy Michaels previously and that was all his resume needed to say.

Andy Friedman has been named Vice-President of Content for Broadcasting. When Randy Michaels stole Friedman away from Clear Channel in May 2008, he was given the title of Vice-President of Interactive Content. With Clear Channel, he last held the title of Vice President of News/Talk and Sports Programing. It was Randy Michaels' hiring of Friedman that caused Clear Channel to put their foot down about all of Michaels' plundering of CC employees and say "enough is enough!" CC sued Michaels and Tribune Company for "unfair competition." They sought and won monetary damages and kept Friedman from starting his job for a while. They also sought the return of sensitive and supposedly confidential Clear Channel business documents that they felt Friedman may have had in his possession.

Like Tim Dukes, Andy Friedman does have a Chicago radio connection that has nothing to do with Clear Channel or Michaels. For a little under one year, in 1999/2000, Friedman was the News Director of WBBM-AM. Unlike Tim Dukes, Andy Friedman did have previous interactive media experience, since much of what he did for Clear Channel for those eight years was work in their interactive divisions.

In a press release yesterday, Tribune Interactive COO Jeff Kapugi said, "Tim and Andy have media industry knowledge and expertise that we're going to leverage for the benefit of all of our business units and consumers. I have no doubt they'll be successful."

Both promotions were made effective immediately.

Tribune Interactive works with the websites for all of the Tribune's properties, including its 8 newspapers, 23 TV stations, and 1 radio station, as well as some external clients.

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