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News & Notes: Eric Zorn/Scott Stantis; Jenniffer Weigel; Rick Gillette; Chuck Mertz; Rick O'Dell; Mary Ann Ahern; Wendy Snyder; V103; More

In today's News & Notes, we look at: a new podcast for the Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn & Scott Stantis, a new job & much more for Jenniffer Weigel, a new LSM for WKSC & WLIT, a new job for Rick Gillette, an anniversary party for "This Is Hell!" and host Chuck Mertz, Rick O'Dell hosts a charity Jazz concert, Mary Ann Ahern speaks at a conference, an anniversary party for Wendy Snyder's podcast, V103 holds a house party, and Tribune Interactive promotes a couple more. That's a lot! It's all here...

* * Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn and Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis have begun a new podcast together called "The Prickly Pair Podcast," where the two men of opposite political beliefs have some fun debating political news. You can hear the debut podcast at this link HERE. (Turn your speakers up a little louder, as it was recorded kind of soft.)

* * Speaking of Tribune columnists... Congratulations go out to former Chicago radio host Jenniffer Weigel. Yesterday morning on her Facebook page, Jenniffer made a pair of announcements. First she wrote: "I got a job!" and posted up a photo of her hand holding her new Tribune Company badge. Minutes later, her status was changed to say: "Jenniffer Weigel is now a columnist for the Tribune- filing reports for print, radio and TV.. Yahoo!" Early this morning, a few more details about her new job came out, stating it is as a columnist for the Trib's new lifestyle section called TribU and that she begins on September 1st. She most recently had been a blogger on the Tribune's ChicagoNow site. Jenniffer Weigel is also the daughter of the late beloved Chicago sports & news anchor, Tim Weigel.

* * In addition to her new Tribune Company job, Jenniffer Weigel will be busy in September with the release of her new book, "I'm Spiritual, Dammit!" which comes out on September 1st, followed by a local book signing/reading tour. She also is continuing to do her "Wednesdays With Weigel" live interview show at the Wilmette Theatre. The next show will be in on September 29th, where she will interview live on stage, WTMX's Eric Ferguson. Tickets for that show are available HERE.

* * Congratulations to Adam Kurtz. Since 2001, he has been an Account Executive with Clear Channel Chicago Radio, working for WLIT-FM and the Chicago Urban Network. Yesterday, Kurtz was promoted to Local Sales Manager for WLIT-FM & WKSC-FM.

* * Congratulations to former WKSC-FM Program Director, Rick Gillette. Today, he was named as the new Program Director of Phoenix, AZ's KZON-FM. The station, 101.5 Jamz, is a similar Rhythmic CHR format to Chicago's Kiss-FM. Gillette had been at WKSC from 2006-2008.

* * This Saturday morning from 9:00an-1:00pm on WNUR-FM, the show "This Is Hell!" will be celebrating it's 13th Anniversary and 666th episode! Later that day, you can join the "bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host" Chuck Mertz at a "This Is Hell!" anniversary party, which is taking place Saturday night at 7:00pm at Cary's Lounge (2251 W. Devon, Chicago). The party will feature live music by The Exponential, plenty of National Beer on tap, a hangover cure bar, free "This Is Hell!" posters, no cover charge, and more. Find more details on the new & improved "This Is Hell!" website later this week.

* * WLFM/87.7 Chicago's Smooth Jazz midday DJ & Program Director Rick O'Dell will be the host this Sunday night of the new "Jazz in the Park for Charity." The event takes place on Sunday, August 8, at Olympia Fields' Bicentennial Park (3401 203rd St., Olympia Fields) starting at 2:00pm. The show will feature performances by Nick Colionne, Bethany Pickens and Corey Wilkes. Jazz in the Park for Charity benefits not-for-profit organizations in Chicago's south suburbs. Tickets can be purchased online at this link HERE.

* * WMAQ-TV's political reporter Mary Ann Ahern, will be the speaker during the Abby Foundation's 25th Anniversary Women Together luncheon, being held at the Holiday Inn Convention Center (18501 S. Harlem Ave., Tinley Park) on August 14th at Noon. The luncheon honors past winners of the Woman of the Year award, who were recognized for their volunteer work for the needs of women in the Chicago south suburbs. For more details or to order tickets, visit this link HERE.

* * Wendy Snyder's entertaining podcast, SnydeRemarksRadio is having a party! On Sunday, August 22nd, it will be the SnydeRemarksRadio 1st Anniversary Bash/VideoCast Viewing Party. The celebration will be held at the Westwood Tavern (1385 N. Meacham Rd, Schaumburg) from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Wendy & Jimmy Mac will have a private room for the party, for all to enjoy the live recording of the show.

* * V103 has plans for your Labor Day weekend. It's the "V103 House Party 3" taking place both Friday, September 3rd and Saturday, September 4th at the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville (1059 W. Addison, Chicago). On both nights, the party will feature Kenny "Jammin'" Jason and Scott "Smokin'"Silz -- both members of WBMX's famous Hot Mix 5 -- and Maurice "Ice" Culpepper. Friday will also have Terry Hunter, while Saturday will feature Andre Hatchett. The V103 House Party 3 is hosted by WVAZ-FM's Ramonski Luv and Joe Soto. Tickets are only $20 and are now on sale at Ticketmaster.com or at the Cubby Bear box office.

* * More promotions are going on within Tribune Interactive this week. Linda Schaible has been upped to Senior Vice-President of Product Development and Shawn Gannon has now risen to Vice-President of Product Development. Neither are former Jacor or Clear Channel employees, and both have extremely impressive resumes of working within interactive media for years.

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