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More Health Scares For Weigel's Kenny McReynolds

Weigel Broadcasting's Chicago Sports Director Kenny McReynolds has had more than his fair share of health issues in recent years. Unfortunately, it seems he has to deal with a few more problems with his body, although he is not missing any work over the troubles.

Among the issues McReynolds has dealt with in the past includes six heart surgeries in the last four years alone. As a person who loves sports and loves to work, last summer's heart surgeries caused McReynolds to surprisingly miss only two weeks. Even then, he was doing some work from home.

According to sources, McReynolds was visiting his doctors recently for some other undisclosed medical issue when the doctors discovered a large tumor in his upper left arm, attached to his muscle. He was scheduled for surgery last week to remove the tumor, but it was cancelled at the last moment for fear he might not survive the stress of another surgery at this time. Doctors are now seeking alternative methods on ways to remove and treat the tumor on his arm.

Others have made comment that McReynolds has been seen at sporting events and at work using a cane to get around with. Supposedly, this is due to all that McReynolds' body has had to endure recently. He is using the cane to help steady himself as he walks while he is recovering and regaining his strength.

McReynolds has not yet responded to a request to comment on his current medical situation.

Despite his health woes, McReynolds continues to be an "Energizer Bunny" with his jobs, not letting any of his medical issues stop him from working.

McReynolds is still calling preps football and basketball games for Weigel Broadcasting's "Game of the Week on The U Too" and for CN100. His weekend television show, "CPS Sports Edition" continues to be seen at the regular times of Saturday at 6:00am on WWME-TV/MeTV and Sunday at 9:30am on WCIU-TV2/26.2 U-Too.

McReynolds is a five-time Emmy Award winner, who has been Weigel Broadcasting's Sports Director for WWME-TV and WCIU-TV for the last 16 years.

In the past, McReynolds has worked at local TV stations WFLD-TV (1989-1994) and WTTW-TV. His broadcasting career began in radio at WVON-AM, and also included stops at radio stations WGCI-FM and WBMX-FM/WVAZ-FM.

More than just a sports broadcaster, he has also served as an assistant basketball coach at De Paul University and has worked as an NBA scout for the Golden State Warriors, the Boston Celtics, the Orlando Magic, and the Charlotte Bobcats.

McReynolds was inducted into the Chicago Public Schools' Hall of Fame in 2006, and into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2008.

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