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WCIU-TV To Air Stand-Up Comedy Special On New Year's Eve

WCIU-TV/The U wants viewers to laugh their way into the new year. The station will air a 60-minute special on Saturday night entitled "Chicago's One Night Stand-Up," featuring 11 top comedians from the Chicagoland area each performing a comedic set.

The special was produced by WCIU-TV parent company, Weigel Broadcasting. It was recorded on December 12th in front of a live audience at the Zanies Comedy Club in Rosemont.

"Zanies is very excited to be partnering with WCIU, The U in featuring the great comedy talent of Chicago," said Bert Haas, Executive Vice President of Zanies.

Steve Bailey, WCIU-TV's Head of Local Programming & Creative, stated: "Chicago has always been a breeding ground for comedy. This show is a combination of stand-up comics who are either at the top of their game or well on their way sharing relatable content about our city."

The comedy showcase will be hosted by comedian Rebecca (Becca) O'Neal. The other stand-up comedians performing on the show are: Pat McGann, Martin Morrow, Michael Larimer, T. Murph, Schmitty B., Kellye Howard, Kristen Lundberg, Alex Kumin, Michael Issac, and Steven Haas*. (*Not the WBBM-AM overnight traffic anchor of the same name.)

"Chicago's One Night Stand-Up" will initially air at 9:00pm on Saturday, December 31st. There will be two quick encore presentations, with the first at Midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning and the second on Sunday night at 8:00pm. The special will also air on Weigel Broadcasting-owned stations in Milwaukee (WMLW-TV) and South Bend (WCWW-TV).

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