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WCGO-AM Revamps Saturday Mornings, Adds Mighty House & Mike Nowak

WCGO-AM 1590 is making some changes with its Saturday morning lineup, adding two new shows that should be familiar to Chicago AM radio audiences. Starting January 7th, "Mighty House Home Improvement Radio" and "The Mike Nowak Show" will both be heard on WCGO-AM, as part of that station's new "Smart Living Saturdays."

Since 2012, "Mighty House Home Improvement Radio" has been heard on WCPT-AM/FM, starting on Sunday mornings and soon after being moved to Saturday mornings. Hosts Ron Cowgill, Rich Cowgill, and Robbie Ehrhardt help listeners with home improvement suggestions and repair issues. Ron Cowgill is the President of the remodeling company D/R Services Unlimited. Before starting his own radio show, he was a frequent guest on the "Townstone Financial Show" (when it was on the former WCKG-FM) and Lou "Mr. Fix It" Manfredini's show on WGN-AM.

"Mighty House Home Improvement Radio" will now be heard on WCGO-AM Saturdays from 7:00am-10:00am.

Immediately following "Mighty House Home Improvement Radio" will be "The Mike Nowak Show" starring Chicago radio veteran Mike Nowak (pictured), along with co-host Peggy Malecki. The show covers numerous eco-improving subjects including gardening, horticulture, and the environment.

Since this past March, "The Mike Nowak Show" has been heard on Sunday mornings on primarily-Internet station Que4 Radio. "The Mike Nowak Show" had previously been heard on WCPT-AM/FM on Sunday mornings from April 2008 through December 2014. Prior to his time on WCPT-AM/FM, Novak was working for WGN-AM from 1983 through 2008, hosting the weekend program "Let's Talk Gardening" from 1997-2008.

Novak also has hosted the "green living" programs "Dig In Chicago" and "Little Green Men" on Chicago television in recent years. Nowak is a regular columnist for Chicagoland Gardening Magazine and is active in many "green" causes, including being the past president of the Chicago Recycling Coalition and being the founder of the Midwest Ecological Landscaping Association.

Many of the people who were contributors to Nowak's shows will be returning to contribute to it at its new AM radio home, including former WBBM-TV and WFLD-TV meteorologist Rick DiMaio.

WCGO-AM's new five-hour "Smart Living Saturdays" with "Mighty House Home Improvement Radio" and "The Mike Nowak Show" replaces or moves some of WCGO-AM's other weekend shows such as "Gun Talk," "SoberRadio," "The Best of French & Friends," and Assyrian brokered programming.

Additionally, "Mighty House Home Improvement Radio" co-host Robbie Ehrhardt is in the process of creating a new radio show about caring for pets. That show, tentatively called "Mighty House Dog House," should premier later this winter on WCGO-AM, most likely heard on Sunday mornings. Ehrhardt's guests each weekend will include veterinarians and trainers, as well as shining a spotlight on the adoptable pet of the week.

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