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Tammie Souza Announces Her Departure From FOX 32

Longtime Chicago meteorologist Tammie Souza announced she will be leaving WFLD-TV/FOX 32 and the city later this winter. She has accepted a position as evening meteorologist at WCAU-TV/NBC 10 in Philadelphia.

Souza wrote on Facebook Wednesday:
Friends and family I have exciting news to share with you today!

A once in a lifetime opportunity was offered to me several months ago and after deep prayer and much family discussion I have accepted a dream job as a meteorologist on NBC10 in Philadelphia.

This means I will be leaving the FOX family and re-joining the NBC family. Many of you may remember that I started at NBC 5 in Chicago, so this is a homecoming of sorts. I will still be working at FOX for the next few weeks, so we have plenty of time to spend together and when I start in Philadelphia you are all coming with me for the next chapter in our lives. This is a happy decision, so no tears... yet. I feel truly blessed to be invited to be part of another great, historical American city.

My bosses at FOX have been supportive and the decision to leave was entirely mine. I am grateful for all of the opportunities they have afforded me to cover amazing weather, share stories and work with outstanding colleagues. Soon I will be joining a fantastic team in Philadelphia where I look forward to new challenges, making more friends and becoming part of that community. A very special thanks to NBC10 News Director Anzio Williams and FOX 32 Chicago News Director Matt Piacente and my agent Matthew Kingsley for making this happen. You are three world-class people.

So, everyone... this is not good-bye, I am not abandoning Chicago, it will always be home and I will be back often to visit family and friends. You are now just joining me on this adventure to create a bigger and greater family combining the "City of Big Shoulders" and "The City of Brotherly Love."
Tammara J. Souza was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but was raised in San Diego, CA. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from San Diego State University, as well as a degree in Meteorology from Mississippi State University. Souza said her interest in science came from her father, who was a design engineer that worked with NASA's Apollo space program. Her interest in weather comes from being flown around in her grandfather's airplane when she was young. She also obtained a pilot's license while in college.

Souza is a Certified Meteorologist and holds both the AMS/CBM Certified Broadcast Meteorology Seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society and the NWA seal of approval from the National Weather Association. She also sits on the boards of both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association.

Her television career began at KHSL-TV in Chico, CA, which led her to eventually becoming Chief Meteorologist at WDJT-TV in Milwaukee, WI. Souza came to Chicago in 2000, joining WMAQ-TV/NBC 5, where she worked until 2006. At that point, she joined WFLD-TV, staying there until the end of summer 2008.

Souza joined WTSP-TV in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL in October 2008 as Chief Meteorologist. However, her husband remained in Chicago after Souza moved to Florida. He attempted to move south with her, but could not find a comparable job in the Tampa area. This meant that Souza and their toddler son were constantly commuting back and forth between Florida and Illinois on weekends and holidays -- a difficult path to familial happiness.

Wishing to return to Chicago to reunite with her family full-time, Souza's agents were able to regain her job at WFLD-TV, which she returned to at the end of January 2011 and has been at ever since.

Souza has won numerous Emmy Awards during her 15 years of working in Chicago television, including once again winning Best Weather Anchor at the most recent awards ceremony.

She now heads east to tackle a new challenge in her career. Souza says that she will remain at WFLD-TV through February before moving to Philadelphia.

Before her start in television weather, Tammie Souza also dabbled in acting, landing some small roles in a few television shows and B-movies in the late 1980s and early 1990s. When she was younger, she made her TV debut as a contestant on CBS-TV's game show "The Price Is Right," winning a new car and some camping gear from then-host Bob Barker.

Patty Souza, Tammie's sister, is also a television meteorologist Sacramento, CA, making the Souza sisters the only sibling meteorologists in the country.

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