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WCIU-TV Releases Morning Show Hosts Melissa Forman & Jeanne Sparrow

Weigel Broadcasting's WCIU-TV/The U is making some major changes to its morning show "You & Me," the biggest of which is the releasing of its two hosts, Melissa Forman and Jeanne Sparrow, effective immediately. The show itself will continue on with guest hosts for a matter of weeks before a new morning program will replace it.

WCIU-TV launched its live and local morning programming "You & Me This Morning" in October 2009. Originally seen as segments during the mornings, and then as half-hour blocks in-between syndicated sitcoms, the show eventually became a three-hour uninterrupted block of local programming in 2014, seen on weekday mornings from 6:00-9:00am. At the end of May 2016, the show was trimmed back to only two hours, airing from 6:00am-8:00am. At the start of last year, the show's name was shortened from "You & Me This Morning" to simply "You & Me."

The show was originally hosted solo by Chicago radio veteran Jeanne Sparrow.

She had previously served as a news and traffic reporter for the former Shadow Traffic for three years, being heard on numerous Chicago radio shows and stations, including a stint with Danny Bonaduce on WLUP-FM. Sparrow may be best remembered for her being top personality for eight years on WGCI-FM. In addition to her radio work, Sparrow had appeared on television hosting programs for WPWR-TV, WYCC-TV, WMAQ-TV, Comcast cable, and was a reporter for the Big Ten Network.

In early 2010, Sparrow needed to take a two-month medical leave of absence from WCIU-TV. Filling in for her was another Chicago radio veteran, Melissa Forman. Station management and viewers so liked Forman's time on-air with "You & Me This Morning" that soon after Sparrow's return, Forman was hired as full-time co-host, working alongside her friend Sparrow.

Forman began working in Chicagoland radio in 1999, first at suburban WKIE-FM (then known as Kiss FM 92.7/5), joining WLIT-FM in 2001. She was with the station until 2006, rejoining it just over a year later and staying through August 2009.

Like Sparrow, Forman also had previous television experience, hosting a home show on CLTV in 2007.

"You & Me" covers topics ranging from local news, weather, entertainment, beauty and fashion, community features and events, home and family, health and fitness, as well as celebrity guests. The program never caught on too strong in the overall ratings, although it did develop a decent following in the Female 25-54 demographic. As ratings had sunken very low over the last few months, Weigel Broadcasting's patience had run out and a change was ordered.

As part of the change, both Sparrow and Forman were called into a meeting after Thursday morning's program and informed they were released.

Both hosts' bio pages and information have already been removed from the WCIU-TV website.

Steve Farber, Senior Vice President of Operations for Weigel Broadcasting, said in a statement today: "Jeanne and Melissa are true professionals. They helped WCIU significantly grow our local programming presence in recent years. We thank them for their hard work."

At this time, no other staffers have been released, although more departures will most likely occur over the next month or so.

"You & Me" will continue to air in weekday mornings utilizing some of the show's current regular contributors and others as guest hosts.

Farber is currently overseeing creation of a new live and local morning program for WCIU-TV that will replace "You & Me" in the 6:00am-8:00am timeslot. No further details about the new morning programming or a projected launch date have yet been released. A spokesperson for Weigel Broadcasting said these details should be made available later in the spring of this year.

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