WGN-TV To Debut New Weekly Entertainment & Lifestyle Show

Starting Sunday, WGN-TV and CLTV will be airing a new half-hour weekly entertainment show entitled "S.E.E. Chicago." The "S.E.E." in the show's title stands for Shopping, Entertainment, and Events. Each weekend, "S.E.E. Chicago" will spotlight Chicagoland happenings in those three subjects.

"S.E.E. Chicago" is hosted by Dawn Jackson Blatner, a Chicago-based dietician and nutritionist. She has worked as a nutrition consultant to the Chicago Cubs, Lifetime Television, DePaul University, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wellness Institute. Jackson Blatner has authored the books "The Superfood Swap" and "The Flexitarian Diet," as well as penning regular food/nutrition columns for the Huffington Post and USA Today. She has also been a frequent guest on daytime television talk shows, sharing her nutritional advice.

However, "S.E.E. Chicago" is not a show about food or nutrition, so Jackson Blatner will be stepping away from what she is best known for and will instead be showing off her more comedic entertainment hosting style.

Each weekend, Jackson Blatner will help Chicagoans discover new things about the city and suburbs that may not have been aware of and showcasing fun happenings outside their own neighborhood.

"S.E.E. Chicago" will be seen each Sunday night at 10:30pm on WGN-TV, with its debut happening on April 30th. Weekly encores of the program will air the following Saturday at 4:30pm on WGN-TV, as well as there being multiple re-airings throughout the week on WGN-TV's cable sister-station CLTV. The Sunday night showings will also be streamed on WGNTV.com.

Beyond the program, viewers will be able to keep up with the show and watch clips on its new website, SEEChicagoTV.com. Fans can also follow Jackson Blatner on Instagram and other forms of social media to communicate directly with her, offering suggestions on various go-to spots in and around Chicago the show should visit.

"S.E.E. Chicago" is produced by Oak Brook Productions, the same team behind the WGN-TV/CLTV weekly foodie program "Chicago's Best."