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An Even Newer-er New 'Nude Hippo'

The new "Nude Hippo" show just keeps getting newer-er!

As first mentioned on this website back on June 24th, Chicago's "Nude Hippo" -- the offbeat, 100% locally produced, magazine-style production -- was reinventing itself with a mostly new cast, a new format and a new web partner in NBC5. As of this morning, the show now has an exciting new website and an exciting new announcement to add to all that.

The all new & vastly improved NudeHippo.com relaunched just a few hours ago. The new site, which took many months to build, features videos (both new & classic), music reviews, food reviews, Chicago stories, photo gallery, cast information, and the proverbial much more.

The original NudeHippo.com website launched in January, 1999. While very low-tech by today's standards, it was a cutting edge site at the time. It included both live video (very rare back then, as many dial-ups could not handle it) and archived video (a good six years before YouTube was created). The new website is another step in Nude Hippo's digital evolution.

Also clearly seen as soon as visitors go to the new website is the brand new logo. Gone is the lovable, pink, cartoon Hippopotamus. In it's place is a sleek new logo with a hippo head replacing the "o" in the word Hippo.

The other big news for "Nude Hippo" fans (Hippo-heads???) is that "Nude Hippo" will now be part of the upcoming "Chicago Nonstop" channel -- the 24-hour digital sub-channel of WMAQ-TV that will feature news, lifestyle segments, radio station video simulcasts, and local entertainment reports. After years on being on cable access channels, "Nude Hippo" officially returns to television, as "Chicago Nonstop" will air "Hippo" short reports throughout the day. Scheduled to begin on Monday, October 18th, the "Chicago Nonstop" channel will be able to be seen over the air on WMAQDT2 channel 5-2, and on cable on Comcast 252, RCN 50, and WOW! 130.

(UPDATE: "Chicago Nonstop," featuring "Nude Hippo" segments, will now make its debut on November 1st.)

These television segments are in addition to having "Nude Hippo" shown on the NBC Chicago website, YouTube and their own website.

In May, 1997, a little cable access show called "The Big Fat Nude Hippo Show" made its debut. The show featured local media celebrity interviews, magazine-style reporting, sketch comedy, local information, and general silliness. Now, over 13 years later, the show continues on, continually reinventing itself and growing.

As first mentioned here back in June, the new cast includes Ashley Lobo, Nick Rosario, Amy Zanglin, Gina Ferraro and Tim Pogo. The show's creator and long-time host, Tony Lossano, remains with the show, but now strictly in a co-producing & behind-the-scenes creative role (and sometimes the crew lets him buy the coffee).

"Nude Hippo" is made by Oppih Productions, a division of Lossano/Perin, Ltd.

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