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WDRV-FM picks up a talented, high-quality person to help guide its morning show...

Jill Egan Joins 97.1 The Drive As Morning Show Producer
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    Thursday, May 04 2017, 05:02 AM - #permalink
    Hope they use her on the air- this move is a real head shaker - Jill is very talented- and I am willing to bet the traffic service she was working for was a dead end street. But a morning show producer, at her age, with her experience? They must have made her a good offer.

    Sadly history shows, this Morning Show will not last. Just the way it goes on the radio these daze! I stopped personally stopped listening to The Drive- the selection of music was OK, but so boring at this point, I just stopped. So much to choose from, and they play the same crude over and over again.
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    Thursday, May 04 2017, 10:32 AM - #permalink
    Interesting observation. I, too, would never listen to "crude" music. If I knew what that was.

    "At her age"? What exactly is the age limit of morning show producers? Are those over 35 better suited for just traffic reporting or are they permitted to further their career how they choose, particularly with a more fun and challenging job?

    I have no clue what her salary was for traffic reporting or what it will be as a producer, but I do know that when I've pursued jobs it's never just about the money. Working for Hubbard Radio vs. working for GTN...I know which I'd choose.
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    Thursday, May 04 2017, 04:42 PM - #permalink
    This station really has deteriorated to the point of unlistenability. It has a very limited, repetitive playlist, unless you like to hear Bohemian Rhapsody every single day. The new morning show is much worse than what they had before with Pete McMurry, Sherman and Tingle are boring and completely unfunny. Hopefully Jill will be interactive and not behind the scenes, they need someone badly.
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    Thursday, May 04 2017, 09:05 PM - #permalink
    @the Irony, sorry that was a typo, crud (music), same crap over and over....

    Also, I'm sure Jill knows what she's in for.....
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