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Kenosha vs. Jasper

Is this the most idiotic thing to happen with ratings companies in the last 5 years?

Park your car at the northern edge of Kenosha county and you will easily be able to pick up all but 2 Chicago FM signals.

Park your car at the northern edge of Jasper county and you will be lucky to pick up more than 2 Chicago FM signals.

It's even more lopsided AGAINST Jasper county for Chicago television.
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    Wednesday, May 03 2017, 09:52 PM - #permalink
    It would make more sense to put Kenosha County in the Milwaukee market. Milwaukee Market radio better serves Kenosha County (EAS, News, remotes, promotions, etc) than Chicago does. Same thing with TV. Doubt they'll put it there, but if they wanted to match TV and Radio markets, this would be the way to do it.
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    Thursday, May 04 2017, 09:45 AM - #permalink
    Also, Jasper County is handled by the Chicago Weather Forecast Office (WFO) whereas Kenosha is handled by the Milwaukee WFO.

    Kenosha Co and it's towns are highly identified as being part of the Milwaukee market. And geographically, Kenosha is about as far from downtown Milwaukee as Aurora or Elgin are from Chicago.

    I will say I would think Jasper Co. would be more identified as being part of the Lafayette market given proximity.

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