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Goli Sheikholeslami is asking for both donations and public action to help defeat the new budget proposed by the current President:

Chicago Public Media CEO Seeks Donations & Public Support Due To Trump's New Public Radio-Killing Budget
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    Thursday, April 06 2017, 08:56 PM - #permalink
    I read this quote in Larz's News post about cuts to NPR

    "Millions of Americans depend on their local public radio stations for the fact-based, unbiased, public service journalism they need to stay informed about the news in their communities and the world. In these politically charged times, we need your support to ensure public media's future is preserved for generations to come.

    Goli Sheikholeslami
    President & CEO
    Chicago Public Media"

    I support public TV and radio. The content is second only to maybe the BBC. Many of the in-depth and diverse stories are very well produced but public broadcasting has failed miserably for years to walk that "unbiased" line. It's hypocritical for Ms. Sheikholeslami to state that this is politically charged when much of public radio is exactly that, just for the other side of the political spectrum.

    In an ideal world, there would be increases to public broadcasting funding and PBS/NPR would be more objective but in reality neither is happening. I do support her point that there would be many rural areas that would not get informative radio if it were not for NPR. NPR needs some reform and to get off the political activism train. It needs to be more accepting of different perspectives. I think that might help a great deal.
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