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Greg Solk and WXRT/WJMK

I'm just curious what anyone/everyone thinks Solk will do (or not do) for either of these soon- to-not-be CBS stations.
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    Thursday, April 20 2017, 09:02 PM - #permalink
    Solk will run the stations under the direction of the owners/management.

    In other words, if they're happy with sales and the profit then why rock the boat?
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    Saturday, April 22 2017, 04:51 PM - #permalink
    Things I've noticed so far since Greg has been there:

    -ID'ing the station as 93WXRT, in addition to 93XRT. When it started, you could hear the air talent sometimes struggle with it, to the point of it sounding a little awkward at first. Not sure if it was intended, but for me, 93WXRT Chicago's Finest Rock has sentimental value. It's miniscule, but I like hearing the W in XRT.

    -Audio processing changed (for the better). Thank you!

    -Jock breaks sound slicker, and tightened up now (not sure if I like it yet, or not). Even Frank E. Lee, when he's on, sounds very streamlined (so glad to still hear Frank every once in a while). Very interesting.

    -Numerous times now, I've heard Lin Brehmer play extended music sets, without back-announcing. I can understand why, but I'm not a fan of it.

    -Might be my imagination, but the station doesn't sound as sleepy as it used to. I'm hearing more tunes that rock, and I definitely like that.
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