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Kathy Hart MIA

Just wonderin... In a blurb earlier this week, it was mentioned a morning show duo were no longer speaking to each other off mic and all communications where handled through producers. 2+2....?

All lips are tight at Hubbard about her absence back to last Friday...which I would absolutely expect lacking permission to publicly disclose.

Presuming that is the case, it would make sense for some time off to deflate the matter. >15years in the same studio morning after morning to perform under that type pressure will do strange things to people. Even those with big ego's. You simply can't bring that home to the family and not have it impact everyone.

It's also possible it's something entirely different (family member medical, accident, incident, etc.) and unrelated to the above referenced feud. In any event, it's not good when a major talent goes MIA during the middle of what would be the spring book.

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    Thursday, May 04 2017, 10:25 PM - #permalink
    Larz posted there is a serious personality issue in this weeks news section.

    I actually am glad he posted what he did because up until now, I always thought that Kathy was the problem in the studio with her many different "finding herself" activities (plastic surgery, karate, new marriage, health fads, restaurant opening, etc).

    Quick, someone call Garry Meier about how to kill a super-successful radio show.
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