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Today's News & Notes features 27 local media news items, including: CBS Radio Chicago has big plans for the Cubs home opener; WXRT-FM wishes the Cubs well for the 25th year; ESPN 1000 is in Wrigleyville today; WLUP-FM is also in Wrigleyville today; WSCR-AM adds some famous Cubs names to its on-air lineup; WXRT-FM makes some behind-the-scenes changes; WGN-AM inducts ten more names; Steve Dahl is on the mend; Rachelle French's radio dreams begin coming true; Wayne Besen is upset about his termination from Newsweb; Dan Proft's "newspaper" work is again exposed; Michael Horn joins the Blackhawks organization full-time; Jeff Kapugi finds new work in the East; Enrique Santos goes nationwide and in English; WXLC-FM raises big funds; Scott Miller talks about his career; Charlie Meyerson talks about his new project; Jason Cage becomes a father; sad news for Trish Biondo and Lisa Dent; WFLD-TV adds 30 minutes to its morning news; Kaitlin Cody joining WFLD-TV; Craig Wall exiting WFLD-TV; Lauren Jiggetts exiting WMAQ-TV; Tracy Davis joining WMAQ-TV; Hernan Fratto joins WSNS-TV; Scott Podsednik joins CSN; and WTTW-TV asks it viewers to help save public broadcasting. Also featured is another programming note from CRM. All of this can be found at the link below.

News & Notes: WSCR; WMVP; WXRT; WLUP; WGN; Steve Dahl; Wayne Besen; Dan Proft; WFLD-TV; WMAQ-TV; CSN; WTTW; Much More

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    Monday, April 10 2017, 09:05 PM - #permalink
    I don't get where Wayne Besen is going by claiming he was being coerced by managers to drop his support for Bernie. All the national shows they carried were Bernie supporters. And they remained his supporters until the bitter end at the DNC. Thom Hartman was/remains a close friend of Bernie.

    He's loony if he thinks he will prevail in a NLRB case against Newsweb. Newsweb is not the government. So 1st Amendment rights don't apply here, never mind the Fairness Doctrine is all but dead. The simple fact is Mr. Eychaner is the licensee and can direct people (through his subordinate Mr. Gross) what he want's on the air. Never mind AFTRA can't challenge a licensee's right and privilege to air what they choose as well.

    Wayne needs become a licensee so he can learn the same thing... But I guess he will learn it the hard way this way while the remainder of the business watches his bridges burn and say a thank you prayer this headache is and was not their's.

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    Tuesday, April 11 2017, 12:46 PM - #permalink
    Nick Digilio in the Walk of Fame? Really?.. Just because he's been associated with WGN since the mid-80's? Come on...
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    Tuesday, April 11 2017, 02:28 PM - #permalink
    welcome back. You were missed
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    Tuesday, April 11 2017, 04:09 PM - #permalink
    For living WGN employees, the Walk of Fame has become a substitute for a raise.
    The odds of this being the last Walk of Fame class are really good.
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    Wednesday, April 12 2017, 11:14 AM - #permalink
    I wouldn't call FM News a disaster; I made many friends there, and it sowed many seeds (talent and content insight) that would bloom at Rivet Radio.

    An experiment that failed after just a year? Sure. A disaster? Nope.
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    Tuesday, April 25 2017, 11:41 AM - #permalink
    Thanks for sharing about the Scott Miller interview. Not only was he a compelling talker, but he also promoted it on social media in a dynamic way. So he obviously understands various kinds of media beyond just radio.
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